About me

Hello, I'm Thomas, the webmaster of the site.

I've had a huge interest in computers ever since my family got our first computer when I was around 4 or 5. I enjoy messing about with all aspects of computing, whether it be hardware or software. I'm also interested in vintage computers, it's cool to see what systems were like back then. My interest in computers is partly why I started this site, but I also liked the idea of having my own personal site. I made the site myself because it's alot more fun than using one of those boring website designers that all look the same. Also a fun fact, the website name/domain "Tomoman" comes from an online alias I used alot when when I was younger.

I enjoy playing games, too. I play on both console and PC, but I enjoy playing on PC way more. There's just too many good games!
Here are some of my favourites in no specific order: