About me

Hey I'm Thomas, the webmaster of the site!

If you're here then I guess you want to know more about me for some weird reason. Uhh... okay then, why not?

I've had an interest in computers ever since my family got our first computer when I was around 4, but was only big into it when I started to build my first PC. I'm interested in a lot of aspects of computing, but the more technical side of it like programming and engineering are what captivates me the most nowadays. I've always had a soft spot for vintage stuff too, so I've also got a couple of old computers. Weirdly I find myself using them more than any modern systems! In a way I guess a lot of the fun of the hobby just isn't there with new computers. Oh well.

My interest in computers is partly why I made this site, along with the appeal of having my own site. I made it all myself with HTML because I think it's more fun that way and it truly is your own site then, which has always been my attitude with these sorts of things. None of that boring web designer crap! If you're wondering where the name "Tomoman" came from. was my online alias I used when when I was younger, which shows how long this site's been around for. I guess the site's sort of stuck with the name now, but hey, it's kind of grown on me. :)

I enjoy playing some games too, on both console and PC. I enjoy playing on PC way more though because there's just too many good games!!!
Here are some of my all-time favourites in no particular order: